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esso Luxury Tongue Scrapers On Stands on Bathroom Counter
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#tongue_scraper# - #esso#
#tongue_scraper# - #esso#
Luxury Tongue Scraper Starter Kit - Silk Black
Luxury Tongue Scraper Starter Kit - Pearl Silver

Luxe Tongue Scraper | Starter kit

$29.99 Regular price $39.99
ColorRose Gold
✔️ Guaranteed to Reduce Bad Breath
💖 Removes harmful toxins | Improves Health
🫦 Improves Taste & Digestion
💫 Gentle | Gag-Free | No Bleeding
🇺🇸 USA - made 🌱 Plant-Based Material

Refills as low as $4.99

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Free U.S. Shipping over $50

Refills as low as $4.99

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esso® Luxe Tongue Scraper is designed to give you the most effective and silky-smooth tongue cleaning you will ever experience, no matter the shape or size of your tongue.

With just enough of edge for a satisfying scrape and to effectively remove loads of gunk - and gentle enough to feel silky-smooth, caressing your taste buds (no harshness or desensitizing here) the esso® Luxe Tongue Scraper makes it feel like you just left a tongue spa...if that were a thing 

Once you try it, you'll never go back!  Your mouth will feel so much fresher, you'll be healthier, and you'll enjoy countless other essential benefits when you add the esso® Luxe Tongue Scraper to your daily routine.

▪️ What's Included

☑️ 1 x Ultra Premium Handle: Durable, long-lasting premium-anodized aluminum handle with a smooth finish and easy-click™ magnetic bottom

☑️ 1 x Eco-friendly Replaceable Scraper Head: 1x compostable silky-smooth tongue scraper attachment

☑️ 1 x Elegant Magnetic Stand: Easy-click™ magnetic stand to always keep your Luxe Tongue Scraper hygienic, organized, and ready to go, while elevating the look of your countertop

▪️ Specs


  • Handle: 4.5"L x 0.75"W
  • Scraper Head: 3.25"L x 1.4"W
  • Stand: 1"W x 0.375"H


  • Scraper Head: USA-made biopolymer, specially formulated for softest, smoothest scrape
  • Handle & Stand: Anodized Aluminum

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Luxe Tongue Scraper | Starter kit

$29.99 Regular price $39.99

Did You Know?

Over 90% of Bad Breath comes from Dirty Tongues!

If you're not Scraping your Tongue properly, you probably have a dirty tongue and Bad Breath!

A Dirty Tongue is Toxic for Your Health

Experts agree - bacteria on your tongue can cause Heart Disease, Artery Disease, Dementia, and complications related to Diabetes.

esso® is the Best Way to Remove Toxins from Your Tongue

esso® is more effective at removing toxic dirt & bacteria from your tongue than any other method

Scrape the toxins off your tongue with esso®!

"So many benefits!"

☑️ Fresher Breath

☑️ Reduced Cravings

☑️ Improved Digestion

☑️ Better Oral Hygiene

☑️ Reduced Risk of Illness

☑️ Healthier Mouth & Body

☑️ Improved Sense of Taste

☑️ Better-Looking, Healthier Tongue


Why should I scrape my tongue?

It's ESSENTIAL for oral hygiene and general health!

Bacteria, debris, and dead cells can easily build up on your tongue between your taste buds. Your tongue isn’t smooth - it is covered with crevices that trap particles.

Even if you brush your teeth well, you are leaving bacteria and other particles on your tongue if you’re not scraping it with the proper sraper. Brushing your tongue with a toothbrush isn't effective because it just moves the debris around. Using mouthwash or rinsing your mouth with water isn’t very effective either since it removes only the outer cells of debris.

If the debris is allowed to accumulate and remain on your tongue, it could cause bad breath, dental issues, and even general health issues.

Are there any side effects?

The only side effect to esso® is fresher breath!

Actually, other scrapers do have side effects - most metal ones are too harsh and damage taste buds and desensitize your tongue. Plastic ones are usually too soft and make you push harder to clean, causing similar issues.

esso® has been designed to provide the most effective scrape while being super gentle! So no side-effects like other scrapers.

Like brushing your teeth, just don't overdo it.

How often should I replace my scraper head?

Similar to toothbrushes, experts recommend replacing tongue scrapers at least every 3 months.

Of course, like toothbrushes, your can replace them more or less often, depending on your preference.

The good news is that refills are super affordable, as low as $4.99 each when bought it a pack!

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page for a full list of Frequently Asked Questions


Elevated Tongue Scraping Is Here

Female hands screwing the esso compostable scraper head onto the premium Rose Gold handle

Compostable Replaceable Heads

American-Made, Plant-Based Material. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Premium Aluminum Handle

Sleek & Ergonomic One-Handed Operation. Anodized for Years of Durability & Continuous Use

3 beautiful colors of the esso luxe tongue scraper handles - Pearl Silver, Silk Black, and Rose Gold

Easy-Click Magnetic Stand

Neat, Convenient, & Highly Satisfying to Click

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