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Why You Need to Start Scraping Your Tongue (...Immediately)

Why You Need to Start Scraping Your Tongue (...Immediately) - esso

You’re the type of person who takes good care of themselves. You are conscious of both what goes in and on your body.  Yet, the most essential part of your self-care regimen is something that you have likely never heard of. I’m asking you, how much attention are you paying to your tongue? I’d bet precisely zero minutes. But that’s okay, you didn’t know how important it is.

healthy habits

Tongue scraping has existed across the world for centuries. Somehow, this facet of oral health, which has roots as far as Africa, has never made it to the west. However, when it comes to good health habits, it’s better late than never. Adding this quick step to your routine will reward you with a bevy of whole-body well-being benefits.

1. Kill Bad Breath at the Source

50% of the bacteria in our mouths live on our tongues. While completely normal, those mamajamas like to mingle with the food we eat and release stinky sulphuric compounds, causing those unpleasant odors. Tongue scraping removes the bad breath causing bacteria, instantly and naturally freshening up your breath. Need more motivation? When you kiss someone, the bacteria in your mouths transfer to one another. Your bad breath becomes yours, mine, and our bad breath. So, scrape your tongue and kiss with confidence.

2. Healthy Tongue = Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Heart

Healthy Teeth Gum Tongue and Smile

Every time we eat, the particles of our last meal stay behind on our teeth, gums, and tongue. The sugars in those particles and the bacteria in our mouths create plaque. Plaque buildup is what causes cavities and gum disease. Scientists now see a link between excess plaque and cardiovascular disease.  Ergo, get scraping- it can save your life.

3. Tongue Scraping is Like a Detox for Your Mouth

detox your tongue

Scraping removes the coating on your tongue that houses the buildup of toxic residue which accumulates from your diet and lifestyle. These cleansing properties make tongue scraping an integral part of Ayurvedic daily practices. By removing toxins, or Ama in Ayurveda, you can achieve a healthy mind-body connection.

4. Food Will Taste Better!

Eating after a good tongue scraping is like being able to taste all the colors in a rainbow.  That thick coating on your tongue is what gets in the way of you truly tasting your latte. With dulled taste buds, we reach for things to amp up the flavor: we want more salt, more sugar, and more fat to compensate. With cleared taste buds, we are more mindful of what we nourish ourselves with, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

5. Real Beauty Begins on the Inside

Self-care manifests true inner beauty. When we commit to doing something every day that we know is good for us, we teach ourselves that we are worthy of care. This simple act of self-care exudes self-love, and when you love yourself, you radiate beauty.


Tongue scraping is the quickest and easiest health habit you can start today. The benefits are unbelievable, but not too good to be true. When you incorporate tongue scraping into your daily beauty ritual, you can improve your love life, health, as well as prevent heart disease and achieve inner beauty. Surely you can spare a mere 20 seconds of your day to show your tongue a little love. You deserve it.

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